Warrior Dash

August 15, 2014

Its all fun and games until you have to plunge into 10 feet of freezing mud water!

The warrior dash has never been on my list of "things to do", but for some reason, turning 50 this year I wanted to experience some different things, so I thought.... why not?


Well wouldn't you know it, they decided to amp things up a bit and make the obstacles tougher.... lucky me

Usually after you conquer a race or something that left you a bit intimidated before, now becomes awesome or easy, but not for me! In fact that plunge into freezing cold, muddy water is still trapped in my memory!

Yes, I'm glad I did it but I am also pretty sure I'm not going to be signing up for anymore of these "obstacle" courses again.


Although I must say, challenging many of the obstacles was gratifying to have completed. Some things I regarded with a bit of apprehension  felt awesome to conquer! A big part of getting through was having both Kathy and Chad with me! We would all help each other through, over or onto the next challenge and that was huge.


There were also a lot of strangers helping strangers which felt rediculously uplifting! To see so many helping or cheering for someone as they achieved a difficult challenge leaves one with pride.

climb rope wall to top, climb over and down to platform to walk plank then climb up to slide to slide into 10 feet muddy cold water... bring it


The race itself was all positive, challenging and social, with lots of water and dirt making even the trails to run an obstacle. The grace in which Kathy came around a corner and slid into the mud couldn't keep me from laughing, or her for that matter. And while I tried to help her up, she decided to get up on her own and grab a big handful of sludge and plaster it on my chest, then continue running...




In the end my ego was boosted, I jumped over fire, got my workout in and landed this awesome hat! Not a bad way to start your day...


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