Turning points...

August 13, 2014

Sometimes the change is so small or so minute its hard to notice...

While things are always changing there are some things I've recognized in her memory building, recently we went to a TBI survivor group picnic and Deb kept myself and most of the others entertained with her wit and humor throughout!


Before we left I was trying to keep my bangs out of my face, so Debbie told me to sit down while she braided my hair. She moved with such ease and calmness, it instilled my faith that there is something out there for her to feel gratified again. I had first done the braid myself and it reminded me why I went to COE instead of cosmotology. When Deb did it, it came out perfect and she seemed so peaceful doing it.


On the day of the picnic I could not eat because I was fasting for testing. What torture to smell and see all the enjoyable picnic food that I could not touch. Deb was upset that I couldn't eat and when they asked her if she was going to eat in front of me she exclaimed "I love my sister, but not that much" we all cracked up as she quickly said she was kidding! But in the end, she wouldn't finish all her food because she felt bad for me...


As we approach the one year mark it is bittersweet. Of course we hoped she would be further in her development, but we are also learning how slow this process is.

On Monday she spent the day at Cleveland Clinic downtown for a long day of testing, both physically and mentally it takes its toll on Debbie, even into the next day. There was three hours of psychological testing as well as her MRI to document the affects of the radiation. Meeting with several doctors as well as the radiologist. I was impressed with Deb's ability to answer a lot of their questions, though some things she was still unaware of.

  • The  tumors appearance on the MRI is comparable to last and regarded as stable

Her short term memory is just not improving, we could have the same conversation 20 times in 30 minutes with her still left confused or unknowing. Mostly she worries about the boys and where they are, even times when they are right with us, because she forgets.


For Deb and I, our talks often include that of our family, my dad, mom and brothers. Where is dad or is mom mad at dad to which I continually reply "dad died in 1998", only to be asked again.

Recently she began taking part of the present and weaving it into a story of the past. As we drove down the street and saw a young boy walking, she said he reminded her of Cameron, I responded, your right he did. As we drove on a few feet she began crying, I asked her why she was crying and she said "I want to know why my son is so young and has to walk everywhere he goes."  Deb that was not Cameron we just went by...


If you are a friend of Debs and haven't talked to her in a while, why not give her a call? She  may not remember it later, but it may help boost her spirits to know all those people in her life still care...

and the stories continue and the confusion continues and we keep doing all that we can...





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