Turning 43 today

June 26, 2007

while I'm not one of those who hides out and doesn't want to admit my age, forty three holds a little different meaning to me. 

Since my father died when he was only 53 I have analyzed a lot of his life. Of how he seemed to accomplish so much in his short life span,(though we all wanted more) and how much knowledge he possessed while going through so many trials in life, again being so young. Things like how he started his own business when I was in 10th grade which would have made him 36, and having his first grandchild (my son Ryan) when he was yep you guessed it, 43. He and I were exactly 20 years apart.

Now believe me, I don't want to be a grandparent this year or for quiet a few years at that.  But it makes me wonder if so much of his life happened at such a young age, so he could enjoy more pieces that other people might never get to enjoy.

I don't know what the reason of his leaving us so young because I know he had so much more to give to us all.  but I am appreciative of what we did get of him and what he did teach to us all.


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