Turkey trot

November 26, 2010


Chelsea and I ran the turkey trot on Thanksgiving morning and it was awesome!  We had been watching the weather all week as they were calling for rain.  We figured it was an hour or so in the rain and we were up for the challenge!

We got downtown and parked and found our way to the Galleria starting point.  After standing in line for the bathroom we had just minutes before the race started.  We lined up for the race and took one picture and before we knew it, the race was starting!

We didn't have time to think, I didn't even have time to set up my ipod, it was time to run.

Once we started running I quickly realized I was over dressed!  When will I learn?  I guess I figured the jacket would help keep me dry when it rained but once we began running and sweating rain would be welcome to cool us!

I was hoping to complete the race in under 50 minutes, but had no expectations since this was my first 5 mile run and first time running in the rain.  What rain we did get was refreshing and taught me that I will no longer dread the thought of rain at a race!

Our times were listed by Thursday afternoon!  I was 62 out of 123 in my age group with a time of 49.30.10.  Chelsea was 121 out of 257 with a time of 47:45.93.

Another challenge, another lesson and another race which changed me in so many ways!



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