Traditions at Christmas

November 19, 2007

There are certain things that although we didn't know were going to be traditions in our family, they somehow became traditions.  Like getting and putting up the tree.  It is always no matter what, without fail put up on December 7th {Ryan's birthday}.  Why?  Well because our last Christmas with Ryan that is what we did, we went to dinner and then got our tree. The lady at the tree farm gave Ryan $5 when she found out it was his 5th birthday.  She made his birthday so special to him and a great memory for us all these years later. 

Every year I also make or purchase an ornament in memory of Ryan.  This is one I sometimes have and idea and come up an with ornament quickly and other years I struggle to find the right ornament.  This year I'm making glittered stars.

As for any other decorating - Whether I have Thanksgiving at my house or not I don't think I could put up my decorations until after.  Sometimes even just the Friday after if I"m going to be home - and since I have SO MUCH Christmas stuff its usually a weekend project anyway! 

Val - get ready for more pictures of decorations.  And I promise they'll be mine and not the neighbors.


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