Today I will complete

March 21, 2010

the 7-day detox as recommended by the nutritionist Chelsea and I met with a week ago Friday.

And let me just say it was quite a change to my diet and made me pay attention to things that I ate, sometimes out of pure habit, kinda like smoking used to be!

We met with Josh last week Friday mostly for Chelsea, or so I thought... see she is quite involved in her health and taking care of her body, and its also what she is majoring in (exercise science) and she wants to minor in nutrition. She lost some weight starting at the age of 17, for her 18th birthday we got her a personal trainer... something I would highly recommend to mom's of teenage girls.  Her trainer (my cousin Stephanie) taught her about diet and exercise and set her on the right course for continued weight loss.  I didn't want her following what I did growing up by starving myself or going into any of those other directions teens can so easily fall into and it worked!  She is all about health and fitness! Including giving up tanning, which was something she loved!  Can you tell I'm so proud of  her...


So back to the detox...

It seems I started that the same time I decided to also do a 48 hour media detox and watch no television or have any computer access for two days. I teased my husband as I read the warning on the side of the Zep cleaner at work and said that's me... Causes irritation, keep out of reach of children, contents under pressure.

Apparently the point of the detox is to cleanse your body so that it can absorb nutrients better... along with other reasons which we discussed with Josh.  For Chelsea it wasn't much of a change to her current diet and while my diet wasn't horrible, I did notice when I had to stick to specific foods for a week, I found myself going to grab for something more out of habit than anything else!

Some days were more difficult than others!  Especially while cooking meals for Joel and Zach that I couldn't eat, or even when I went to mom's day at Chelsea's sorority... the only thing I could eat there was the salad!

I must say that I felt good almost everyday, in fact there was only one night that I didn't feel so great, but otherwise I was like wow, no stomach ache... and for me I apparently have a weak stomach which feels sick quite often.  Now as I begin this week adding things back to my diet, it may help me narrow down problem areas of which I should avoid all together?


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