Today I will

December 4, 2007
  1. Take Zach to school
  2. go to work
  3. go to staples for printer ink - p touch refills
  4. check out starbucks for advent
  5. check out hobby lobby for fun stuff
  6. finish Ryan's ornaments
  7. do Christmas journal day 2 and 3
  8. mail out Christmas cards - because moo will have showed up in mail!
  9. wrap some gifts
  10. start journal for 31 days book
  11. call wayne about external hard drive not working?
  12. clean up house
  13. write list of what's left to get for Christmas gifts
  14. work on more craft gifts
  15. figure out pass gift for Michigan
  16. figure out dessert for Michigan
  17. make candy canes
  18. clean up dinning room filled with scrap supplies


Well I didn't ge as much done as I would have liked, though do I ever?  And my moo cards STILL did not show up!


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