Thursday's Thirteen

August 17, 2006

1. Two everyday things I couldn't live without: my coffee and my flavored water
2. Two of my favorite authors: Janet Evanovich and Sidney Sheldon
3. Two things I want to do before I die:My kids get married and grandkids
4. Two things I worry about: My kids and Bills
5. Two stores I shop at: Target and Kohls
6. Two things that scare me: flying in a plane and losing another loved one
7. Two snacks I could eat every day: Kettle corn popcorn and Honey bunches of oats cereal
8. Two people I'd be lost without: Joel and the kids (can't pick two)
9. Two nicknames I've been given: Teen (short for Tina?)
10. Two places I want to visit away from my own town: Alaska and Australia
11. Two of my favorite movies: Mr. Holland's Opus and Schindler's List
12. Two favorite fast food restaurants: Wendy's or Arby's


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