Thursday night line up

May 8, 2008

Well tonight is my favorite night for watching television.  Between Grey's anatomy which has finally gotten better and Lost - my two favorite shows are on back to back, what more could  you ask for?

Finally heard from Zach around 6:30 tonight.  I guess it was late by the time they got to their hotels last night so he didn't call till today.  They were in between dinner and a dance they were going to so I got the usual update you get from boys.  I ask "How's it going???" to which he replies "good", I ask "are you having fun", he replies, "yes".  But as for details - I guess you don't get those with boys?  Or you don't get them while their on the phone with their friends near by?  But I'm glad to at least of heard from him.

Tomorrow night is Prom night and that's all that Chelsea has been thinking about this week.  Between the hair, the nails and the dress that's all her life has been about.  Tomorrow we will meet over here to take pictures and then I want to head up to the country club and take some inside.  Parents are allowed inside to take pictures but only until 6pm.

Then since both Grandma's, Rose, Rich and Aunt Debbie are going to be over we decided we would all go out for a bite to eat afterwards and Lisa is going to meet up with us once she's finished cleaning the clubhouse.  Probably by the time we get back the boys will be returning from their trip.

Found some pictures of when the kids were little that I'm going to sort through tonight.  I'll need to scan and make copies of them since my sister and my mom are going to want copies.


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