This week...

December 27, 2009

So much on my mind and so much I want to do...

For starters I want to organize my house.  Doesn't that always happen after Christmas? That must be why so many organizational bins are on sale at Target, because after the hustle and bustle of Christmas we are now ready to simplify our lives!  I know I am!

  • I'm going to start a room at a time, actually a theme at a time really.  Like starting with Christmas.  There are some things I didn't put out this year, so I think they will find a new home along with other things that just seem to make things feel "too busy"

Next, my scraproom...

  • I started going through it a few weeks back, but then it quickly got buried in Christmas crafts.  Besides for all the embellishments and paper that need wrangling, I think the biggest thing for me is getting back to organizing my pictures, they are everywhere and I'm looking through the same envelopes over and over again.  I wish I could come up with one system that works for me and I can keep up on?  I love the Stacey Jullian Library of Memories way... but I can't always keep up with that.  I need to find a system that is easy to maintain.
  • Books and magazines... I have so many I want to read... both books and magazines that I would like to dedicate time to both of them... especially in the upcoming cold winter months.  Sometimes I can have two books going at once if they are on two different subjects and it seems my magazines can weeks without getting glanced at.

Listing my goals...

  • Both short term and long term and how I plan to achieve them...
  • Coming up with my word for 2010
  • Writing more...
  • planning vacations for the year
  • bill payoff strategy

So I'm off to check out Real simple ideas, start putting away some Christmas stuff and later on I'll take a break with friends and see a movie!  



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