Thirty years

June 30, 2014

Marriage is not easy...

Owning a house, having children, paying your bills are just some of the everyday struggles we all go through in a marriage.  The odds against us already marrying so young, I just turned twenty and Joel twenty-two, stands out even more now when I look at my own children in their 20's.


Hilton Head Island 1992

After 30 years together you are bound to let each other down. Lets face it, life lets us down, with grief and loss, it can be unbearable. Losing our son in 1993 was a tipping point even I didn't think we'd survive. And the heartbreak continued with the loss of both our fathers, my brother Joe, and as recent as losing Jane and the heartbreaking journey my sister has been facing, all things that can fracture a marriage... Many obstacles will come your way, trying to sabotage you, life lessons, and heartaches, which many do not survive, instead strengthens you giving you more appreciation for one another.


The past few years have been some of our toughest, but also our greatest. And I am so thankful for the life we have endured, built and the many amazing memories we have created with each other, our children and our families.


There are times when I look at all the bad that has happened in my life and think "why me", but most of the time I am grateful for the opportunties to grow and the ability to give of myself to others, and I couldn't do that without my partner in this marriage always encouraging me. 


Most years we do not celebrate our anniversary in big ways, a nice dinner or a new purchase for the home, but this year, our 30th year, we wanted something to remember! With our children grown we were able to take a few days for ourselves and remember why we got together so many years ago.

and I am thankful...


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