Thinking of my brother today

August 23, 2010

Seven years ago today my brother began the battle for his life, which ultimately ended just 3 weeks later during surgery.  I can still remember the phone call from Lisa and hear the fear in her voice as she told me something is wrong with my brother and the ambulance is taking him to the hospital.


I was sick, instantly sick... throwing up and hyperventilating as I tried to get in touch with my husband who was away camping with Zach.

crying so hard my mother in law couldn't understand even who it was on the phone


I couldn't dare go to the hospital that night, I felt I would jinx him.  Yes, it was the 23rd and all I thought was that was the day Ryan died, I can't go there or Joe will die too.  

throughout the night my brother and sister called me updating me on his condition as we cried together, praying that he would be okay.

In the early morning of the 24th I finally felt safe to go to the hospital, and that is where we spent our lives for the next 3 weeks, as we went through each obstacle that was preventing him from surgery.  Those things that had to be fixed before surgery was even an option.  Fluid in his lungs, unknown brain damage, and more...

But every day that waiting room was full of family and friends, waiting for word that he had improved, and each day he did!

I remember my brother calling me crying saying he opened his eyes he opened his eyes as they started reducing the meds that caused the induced coma state he was in.  We celebrated!  We called everyone!  It was the best news we had gotten in weeks and we couldn't have been happier!

But as we know... that happiness was short lived.  Joe died during surgery 3 weeks later, but today I remember him and the battle he fought...

Forever and always my brother, my friend



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