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July 31, 2008

Wow I can't believe we are almost in the month of August - where does the time go?  Soon its back to school and a quiet house with Chelsea gone to college and Zach into high school.

Chelsea's done with work until she's home on breaks throughout the year so we decided to plan a few days out together.  We want to get to the zoo, the Columbus Zoo but the day we wanted to go the forecast was rain all day.  So hopefully one day next week will work.



We did however get out to see the movie The Dark Night yesterday and it was great.  I'm not normally into Spiderman or Batman type movies and I don't like gore either, but Chelsea and Ben had gone to see it already and really wanted me to see it, and assured me it wasn't a gory movie.  So she, Zach and I went to the show.  As its been repeated by many, Heath Ledger did an AMAZING job with his character and yet I could see why it haunted 5him.














Chelsea always up for a photo opportunity... Zach, not so much?


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