There's always hope

February 8, 2014

Recently I talked to a friend

One of those people that you know are destined to be friends with from the moment you meet. She is from Michigan and from our first night out with girlfriends we connected, well how could we of not connected. She had lost her son Ryan and I lost my Ryan... I think we were meant to meet, to help one another. But it didn't stop there, when I shared my brother had a brain aneurysm that killed him, her husband had one, but survived! Then about 5 years ago she had a stroke that almost took her life.


We went to visit her a few times throughout her recovery where at first she was bed ridden and then up to a wheel chair. But I know myself, I felt so helpless...

She called me last night to find out about Deb, and it brought her to tears. She too is still struggling to recover from her stroke and shared with me that after 5 years she finally has hope. Now what could bring someone hope after all this time?  On February 1st she took 25 steps and the 2nd she did more and by the 5th she took 44 steps, something you and I take for granted daily brought her hope.

Its funny because I remember doing a running program I'm following on the treadmill and thinking I couldn't keep up and wanting to quit and then a thought came to me, at least I can run... and I kept going. And this was before talking to my friend.

I guess it helped me realize that no matter what is going on in your life, there is always HOPE!





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