The weekend baby!

August 29, 2009

While my week and weekend don't differ too much, I always seem to be able to accomplish more on the weekend, and that is my plan for this weekend too!

I've been having a blast with my  Work in Progress kit, and plan to finish up a few projects with that today.

The first time in over a week Chelsea doesn't have practice so I'm going out there to visit, plus check out her new dorm!  Oh and take some pictures, a television, a chair, rug and some other goodies!


I was so glad I caught this of Zach and the dog after his first day back to school.  We cracked up at both of their legs being crossed!

Still working on my scraproom and loving the progress I've made so far.  Plus every time I'm down there I try and sort a stack of pictures.  There are still so many more, but its getting better.  So that too is on my weekend list.

Clearing out the house for a garage sale is also on the list...

so here's to a busy weekend with lots of plans.... let's hope I accomplish a lot!


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