The strongest woman I know

February 28, 2014

Last night I spent the evening in the ER with my mother in law. You know if she says yes to going to the hospital she is not doing well!

She has lived a tough life, one that if you didn't know her, you would never even know. She smiles and laughs at every situation when most of us, including myself, would be in a puddle. She finds the positive and is an example of love for us all.


Since I was 15 years old she has been a part of my life and taught me some of lifes most valuable lessons. Pushing me to take that last vacation with my family at age 18 instead of staying home, it led to one of the greatest memories with  family.

Every year she made a point to get our family picture in front of the tree, many times with us complaining our way through it. Some of those pictures include Ryan and are my most prized possessions.

In life we all suffer through our own battles and I'm blessed that I've had her to confide in, she tells it how it is and reminds you to laugh. 


And while she's always finding the positive, she will also defend as only a mother can. So look out if you mess with one of her cubs! 


Her grandkids are her other prized possession, always treated with love and respect. She has been that one constant that I could always count on when the kids were growing up.


My heart continues to break when she goes through another set back, and I am reminded once again just how strong she is.


When she's the Jane we all know and love, she's the life of the party. And everything done on purpose or not she will find humor in. One of her greatest attributes is the ability to laugh at herself!



She has joined us on many adventures and is always ready to step up to try out something new. This last summer we went to New Orleans, Destin Florida and Nashville, all things on her list to visit one day.  Instead of saying why, she usually responds why not?



So Jane, here's to you with many healing thoughts and prayers coming your way to one of the greatest ladies I know!



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