The smartest man I knew

February 7, 2011

bar none....

that was a quote from one of my dad's best friends.  It was a compliment and a true statement too. My father was of course the smartest man I knew, isn't that always the case with any girls father?


And so as I go through life with its struggles and surprises and ups and downs I always wish I could go back to those days of sitting around the kitchen table talking about life, talking about the world, talking about all those silly marriage, kids and family things that we used to talk about, but I can't.

I lost my dad 13 years ago today.   He was 53... way too young to die!


There is not a day that goes by that I don't miss him, don't think of him and don't question what he would want me to do in any given situation.

here with his sisters and cousins

He believed and lived with honesty and integrity and I miss him everyday!

Here's to remembering my father

3/12/44 - 2/7/98



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