The Road and Lean mean 13

August 24, 2007

I'm reading two books at a time - depending on what's going on in my day will depend on which book I pick up.  And they are both at opposite ends of the spectrum.  One is an upbeat funny book and the other is a sad, deep and depressing book. 

Last night I finished THE ROAD and it brought me to tears.  The book never gave you any characters names, where they were or how they had gotten to this point.  In fact there weren't even any chapters to this book.  But its one of those books that once you begin you have to and want to finish.

As I read some reviews on some other sites they summed it up better than I could even begin to.

The story that Cormac McCarthy creates is dark, heavy and at times terrifying of a man and a boy. On the flip side he also creates a story that is full of hope, burnt hope that under all the black soot still burns red.
You never find out much about the man or the boy, including their names. You never find out what the man might have done before the world fell apart, though at times it is kind of alluded to. You never find out where they are coming from or exactly the spot they are searching for. In fact, sometimes I think that I never knew much about the characters except WHO they were.
The fact is: This story is not about the post-apocalypse. It is not about why all the trees have been burned or why people were burned straight into the road.
It is the story about two people and their quest to keep their hope alive, no matter what the cost. it is a story that perhaps more parents can relate to, that small hope that our child will have a future and he will carry on our flame in their hearts to keep hoping.

Another review that speaks to me

I read harrowing and tender passages of such craftsmanship, beauty, and sorrow that I choked up. This is a dark and terrifying book. It is a work of art.

So while I wouldn't recommend this book to someone who is already in a depressed state - it really does make you appreciate life, love and your family!

I hope to finish up Janet Evanovich tonight and then begin A thousand splendid suns.


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