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January 6, 2014

On Friday we took Debbie to a radiologist to discuss her options in removing the balance of the tumor that they could not get with surgery. We are very concerned with the risks involved, even though they are such a small percentage. Her original surgery had  risks and we know she has suffered them all.

Gamma Knife or extend radiation are neither options for Debbie because of the location of the balance of the tumor. The doctors feel it is best to remove it now while it is smaller. With the risks obviously increasing as the tumor grows larger, and surgery may not be an option a second time. The remains of the tumor is resting on the optic nerve and chiasm,  the optic chiasm is an X-shaped space just in front of the pituitary gland where optic nerve fibers pass through to the brain. One of the many risks of radiating this area include vision loss. 


The radiation plan will be a 5 week plan that would begin after all the planning and calculations are completed. The next step is a second opinion before we continue in any direction. 

Deb has been home for just over a week now and from what I've observed seems to be improving. Depending on the radiation will depend on when she can begin her out patient therapy and obviously time is another factor in her healing. She still has a small attention span and is constantly worried about her boys.  She does not remember having Christmas and even after you just remind her we did, she begins talking and planning again.

She wouldn't remember if I told her you said Hi or miss her or love her. So I usually don't tell her these things. Conversations are in the now and brief. They are trying to get her to enjoy the moment instead of worrying of whats to come or what she may be missing or what has happened in the past.

She still is working on balance and needs 24 hour care, has a great sense of humor and continues to make us all laugh. When looking at the full picture we can see how far she's come, but the day to day can be a struggle with knowing how far she has to go.

If you see Deb when we are out with her in be sure to say hi, but understand she probably won't remember she saw you or what your conversation was, she obviously hasn't gone back to work, although that is her conversation to many she sees. Understand she is still healing and relearning and don't take offense to her actions.

I miss my sister and the relationship we had but I am learning that some things will remain and some things will be new and we will all grow through this together.


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