The morning after

January 27, 2009

The Bachelor...

Well last night I had stamp club so I was not home for the beginning of Bachelor, which usually works out pretty good because then I can just fast forward through all the commercials, and some of what I think are the more boring parts!

I haven't been a fan of Nicky's from the beginning.  While she is beautiful, she has no personality and is pretty much stuck on how great she looks.  And the date with Stephanie... I don't know that whole thing just seemed awkward?  OMG the General Hospital date was tragic, really!  The girls were all so emotional, and after Reading Chris Harrison's blog, it was worse than what we saw...

However the date with Molly I thought was cute and even put Molly in my top 3, although Naomi, I'm still not sold on?

Oh and be sure to check out Chris Harrison's blog, I love him and the twist he puts on the show!

So my three favorites are...

Jillian Melissa Molly
Jillian                                    Melissa                                    Molly


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