The Help

October 5, 2009

Have you read this book?  If not I think you will want to add it to your too read list!  It has been a while since I've had a book that I couldn't put down, and that's just what this book has been.  

Today I spent a good part of my afternoon waiting for several repairs on my car, but the time just flew by as I read this book in the waiting area.  Less than 100 pages and I'm done and I'm both looking forward to finishing and yet know I will be disappointed that I don't have the book to look forward to.

Thank you Jen for directing me towards this book, its been a while since I've read something I didn't want to put down!

Here are a few of the reviews which share my thoughts!

An engrossing, vivid, funny, and important book about three women living in Jackson, Mississippi in the 1960s. Stockett writes in three first-person voices: 1. a middle-aged black maid who specializes in childcare, 2. a hot-tempered black maid who cares for a once-poor, now-rich white woman, and 3. a white girl who's just graduated from college and is floundering around. The Help is "about" race and feminism, but not in an earnest or heavy-handed way. Story is Stockett's first concern, and Jesus God, can she write a story. During the climactic party scene, I was wincing and writhing in my seat, so nervous about what was going to happen that I could hardly look at the page. I cared deeply about all of these characters, I was outraged and amused and upset whenever Stockett wanted me to be, and I read for five hours straight without getting restless.

I really loved this book and gave it a rare 5 stars! It has been a while since I read something that I literally couldn't put down, but this one was that kind of book for me. I laughed out loud at times but then would just as quickly grow so frustrated that I wanted to climb right into the book and smack Miss Hilly's self righteous face! 
Set in Mississippi during the 60’s, The Help explores the relationships of colored maids and the white women that employ them. I found the characters to be genuine people that I couldn’t help but pull for and, in the case of Miss Hilly, pull against. I found Minny to be so endearing that I am genuinely going to miss her now that the book is over. 
For a first novel, Kathryn Stockett really hit her mark. This book was certainly worth the hardcover price-I am so thankful to Rebecca at Barnes and Noble for the recommendation! 


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