The first half

May 27, 2014

Wow, wasn't expecting to fair so well! Chelsea and I ran our first half marathon and since  not running over 7 miles this year, I was expecting more difficulty!


It seems with all that has been going on in our lives, training was not fitting into either of our schedules, and try as we would, it would be a dreadmill run because of the horrible weather, or nothing, because the time didn't allow... 

The night before the race we started working on a plan as to how we were going to complete this run, throwing out options and ideas until we were satisfied with the plan. We decided we would run/walk the race. Running 5 minutes and walking one.

7cleve 2014

As we revive ourselves in the morning, tho barely awake, we eat our bagels and peanut butter or (peach butter) a story for another day... get ready for the race with all our gear,  and get out the door to the start before 6:30am to find our corral.

1cleve half 2014

There is always an excitement in the air right before a race, the loud music and people everywhere in the city make you feel a part of something big, and it is big, 20,000 people running! The weather is perfect, in fact I didn't plan well and before the race even begins I lose an extra layer.  

Once we started, I felt good but knew I had to keep my breathing under control. Luckily I recently got another inhaler to help. While watching the clock I noticed we had already ran 5 minutes and asked Chelsea if she was ready to stop and walk. She said lets keep going until 3 miles... we got to 3 miles and I asked if she was ready to walk, she said lets keep running until we get tired....

While we walked at water stops to get our drink, we never walked any other time during the entire 13.1 miles! And that felt awesome!!!

2 cleve half 2014

You should always have a backup plan, it doesn't mean you have to follow it, just knowing there are options if things are not working always helps. Luckily we didn't need to use our back up plan...

We finished in under 2:30 and I'm proud of that and the fact that we ran the whole thing together!  

Have another half coming up Saturday... here we go again!




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