The farmer

October 19, 2011

And so, I met with him again the other day. Finally he was out in his yard when I was going by. I came walking up, trying to be obvious and not startle him, since he had his back turned.  It seems he's always doing something on the farm. Whether he's on the mower, the tractor or just walking about, but with all the rain recently this is the first I've caught him outdoors.


We talked for a few minutes and he made mention of my camera hanging by my side. He sweetly told me he loves my photography (I've dropped off collages of pictues I've taken through the seasons) and how I captured his farm in a way he's never noticed.  Now isn't that the sweetest!

I still hadn't told him I was there to take pictures of him this time, since he's kinda shy, I knew it wasn't going to be easy. At which point he says, "you can take pictures of anything here, except me".  "Oh no, I told him, that's why I came, to take pictures of you"... he chuckled and said oh no, I don't know about that.  Luckily, after a few more minutes of small talk, he finally concented to pictures, and I asked if we could move in front of the barn.

Our conversation carried on as we walked to the barn. Touching on every subject from his losing his wife years ago, to growing up and working on the family farm. He shared that this year has been quite a struggle for all the farmers, with all the rain, he has not been able to harvest the soybeans, and the only person in control is mother nature.

We also talked of his upcoming birthday! December 15th he will be 89 years old, and not only does he look great, but he told me he feels great too! Except for that worry about the soybeans...

So while I have some time, I'm trying to figure out what to give a farmer for his 89th birthday?

After my class on Sunday, I will share more of our photo shoot.

Oh and as I was walking away, he says I hope you don't get an F in class because of taking pictures of me...




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