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February 20, 2014

So much progress has been seen by others with Deb as she continues on this journey. Her balance is improving, getting in and out of vehicles gets easier and as always her humor is always keeping us all laughing.

There are so many other things going on, little things... details that right now I choose not to disclose. Maybe one day we will write more of the details of Deb's recovery, but right now some things are just too personal to put out for the public to view while she is going through this.


This week our cousin Lisa is in town spending time with Deb and I and continuing to support us as she always has. She and Deb have been close since childhood when we got to spend weeks at our grandfathers cabin in Cook Forest PA. The adventures they went through together were something they joked about every time we were all together. I was the younger of the cousins and usually held back from heading out with the older teens. Deb continued to travel to California to be with her cousin and Lisa came back to Ohio as often as possible, including being a part of Deb and Gordon's wedding. She and my aunt have always been a big part of our lives! Those relationships that pick right up where they left off, even with the miles between us.

Losing a sibling is another emotional bond that only one whose been in our shoes understands.  We lost Joe in 2003 at thirty-seven years old and she lost Michael in 2007 at forty-eight years old. Both too young and with so much more to offer this earth! 

Unfortunately our family has suffered many losses at young ages. Ryan, my father, Joe, Michael our Uncle Jim and so many more leave Deb confused when she asks about them.  We plan to make her a family tree. One she can refer to as she continues rebuilding her memory.


Since August of 2013, almost 6 months, we have watched Deb suffer and struggle through so many things that luckily she probably won't even remember. While the struggles continue and most of the progress is slow, we have to watch the trend which continues in that upwards flow.




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