The creatures of Hilton Head

June 18, 2012

Quiet... what is that?

There has been so much build up and planning until today at 3am when Chelsea and I drove to the airport and she began her journey at Wellspring California. Leading up to this departure we tried fitting it all in.

Our vacation in Hilton Head which already seems like such a distant memory was just two weeks ago.


The wildlife that we saw was an adventure in itself. From gators, to birds and their prey, dolphins and  of course many of the well known geckos, we spent more time checking out the creatures who inhabit the area than we ever have in all the years we've visited.


Zach catching the gecko who kept popping his head out


Near the end of our trip gators were no longer a rare site

Taking the dolphin tour was awesome! Even though the dolphins don't wait for pictures!

It was great to have my two kids together laughing and joking and keeping secrets from us adults, while also sharing silly jokes with one another, with finding Nemo a popular topic!




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