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January 25, 2008

Though I knew she was doing it, since I sent her the pictures and answered the questions, I was excited and surprised to see my scraproom pictures up at the Work in Progress Blog.

Now I need to insert a disclaimer to the size of my room and amount of stuff I have "acquired" via this obsession. {smile}

My room has grown over the years thanks to many people.  My girlfriend Lisa gave me the metal drawers and one of the wood displays.  A couple of the display racks I got from a scrapbook store that closed - some they had put in the trash - others I purchased. The cash counter, bookcases, acrylic displays and many risers and such were from my girlfriends Country store when she closed it and moved to Michigan.

Getting the room done was in big part thanks to the contest I won at the radio station Q104. They had a mega home makeover contest which I first won a chance at winning as they took callers for a week.  Then my name was picked (the guy at the radio said it was like a needle in a haystack odds because there were so many names to pick from).  In the contest I won the craft cabinet from Closet by Design, $1000.00 in carpet, 1 month house payment (which we applied towards carpeting the entire basement).

Then my dear husband did all my lighting and other electrical plugs, etc...As for the supplies... well, lets just say I'm not spending the money on cigarettes anymore - and I think this is a much better cause :)

One day I hope to have all the walls drywalled and the ceiling finished... but who knows we might move before all that happens!


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