That 70's station

March 11, 2014

As we drive down the road listening to 70's songs and singing "you make me feel like dancing" at the top of our lungs, I am reminded of the sister I had before the surgery. We laugh and sing and talk about silly things, and that feels good.


But once the song is over and the questions begin again... "did you see dad", and I reply, "no dad died in 1998", oh...

"Are Joe and Rob at your house", and I reply, "no Joe died and Rob is at work"

And they continue about where the kids are, how old they are, are they safe and why my mom doesn't call her.


Its heart breaking to have to retell stories over and over, especially when soon after you finish she asks the same question again.

But there are also days when she's spot on remembering things, like that she just left radiation and Cameron is at home and even though you tell me dad died I still feel like I just saw him...

The other day I picked her up and she looked in the mirror and said "Oh my Gosh, this hair looks like Kramer!"  Still making me laugh constantly!


This month is Brain Injury awareness month, and I have never been more aware of people and my surroundings and the struggles they too may be going through. Recently when I was picking her up from the Cleveland Clinic van transport, I was trying to get her out of the car, all her belongings and Theresa the driver was also helping when a lady waiting in her mini van startled us all with her impatient horn beeping because we were blocking her way! I actually looked at her shocked, but didn't say a word. Couldn't she see I was walking my sister across the parking lot? Is it really that much of a me world out there? The next day I talked to her driver Theresa and she too said I could not believe that woman, didn't she not see us dropping off a patient! And she shared other observations that had both Deb and I laughing!


See Deb never sees herself as the patient, she is always just doing what she needs to do.

While I haven't talked to Gordon about his thoughts, I feel the radiation is slowing her progress and am so glad that on Friday she will have her last treatment and we will all be there to witness her ring the bell!


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