Ten things

July 29, 2008

Got this idea from Jen and some of the links were also found there!

  1. I had a warning which I did not heed and have found another addiction, which I will warn again here...  This link is to a highly addictive game Bubble shooter
  2. Here you can find your blog's readability level.
  3. Spending some time today making my own bows - you can find instructions here
  4. Seen a family tree at reunion and was told you can start yours for free... here
  5. Find some inspiration for scrap rooms here
  6. Started with the clean out thing to move rooms
  7. IMG_4176After spending the day at the fair Zach started clean out and found the shirt he got from Southwest Hospital when he was born
  8. Found an email my father wrote me that I had printed off from January 27, 1998 - he died February 7, 1998 - priceless...
  9. Found this picture from the last family trip I took with my parents and trying to figure out why I'm carrying this giant purse on the beach?Mom Joe Tina Rob beach 80s_edited-1
  10. It's officinal... had to make the first payment to Kent State


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