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October 10, 2014

I spend a lot of time with my sister, and at the end of many days I am disheartened by the echoing of questions looped, and her own frustration level at herself. I try and remind myself this is just another stage she is going through. Some days I'm left drained following a stretch of time with her, my mother and brother in law all in one day. But then you are advised with faith and from God that things will be alright. 

A few weeks ago when I took Deb with me and a friend to Michigan for an overnight visit, I was giddy with excitement after I witnessed some improvement. 


The morning began with a rough spot and I wasn't sure what we would be in for? She was not leaving without her insulin. I tried to remind her it was Shawn that needed insulin but she would not have it. Finally I asked her to trust me, and lets go have some fun and she said "yes, lets go".

Our three hour trip was filled with jokes and laughter and soon we arrived at Debbie's store. At first I stood on the side and watched Debbie while she made her way through the store, delighted with all the Halloween decorations.  Like old times we shared something we loved, laughing together.  It felt good, no, it felt awesome!


But it didn't stop there, we went back to Brenda's for dinner and Debbie kept up with many of the conversations, laughed and was easily brought back when she changed directions and thought she needed to go pick up the boys. Later she knew she was tired and ready for bed, it had been a long day for her with no resting in between. Once situated, I went back downstairs with the girls and felt such joy to have spent such a wonderful day with Deb.

Although it was not like the days before surgery, it was steps beyond the last few times we went away and that to me spells progress.... slow, sweet, progress!



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