Team up Thursday

September 2, 2010

Well finally I got my camera back and Jill and I are back at it!  We decided we are going to follow along with the Mental Inventory prompts, and this weeks was selective focus.  Jill took this adorable picture of her daughter while I went over to the farm up the hill and took some pictures at the end of the day.  I'm so thrilled to be back to being creative with my camera again!


When I got my camera back I couldn't wait to take some pictures.  I decided to go to the farm up the road.  It was part of my Learn something new everyday class with Shimelle that prompted me to go there.... I learned about patience yesterday, and who doesn't have more patience than a farmer.

He was the cutest, sweetest man and when I asked to take pictures he smiled and said of course you can, as long as you don't take any of me.  I told him I would love to take some pictures of him also and wished I would have just snapped a few, but he waved his hand and went back to work. I think I'm going back there again in the next few days and going to take pictures of him, if he will let me...


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