January 28, 2009
I received this Tag from Aimeslee
So that I can find 6 peeps who haven't done this before or in a while, I'm gonna change up their tags a bit. If your name is listed here, please answer the tag on your blog, choose 6 peeps to tag and ask them whatever you want to, and then go tell them in comments on their blogs. 

2. Tina Z : 
You like to keep lists, so tell us the next 6 creative projects you will be doing. These can be for your DT or home or gifts for others.
My 6 projects 
These are projects I am working on or projects I have recently completed for Work in Progress kits.  (Once those are posted in the gallery I will post them here)
1.  Heidi Swapp mirror album - I had a blast working with this album and adding pages to it.  With Valentine's Day so close and lots of Valentine's papers I chose a Heart theme by using quotes with the words heart in them like Have a strong mind and a soft heart
2.  A layout about my dad - since my kids were young when he died (Chelsea 8 and Zach 4), I wanted to share with them some of those little details that they might have never known.
3.  Girlfriends Valentine's -  Every year a friend of mine has a girlfriend Valentine party where we all bring "Valentine's" for each other.  Most of the time they are hand made items, and they are always creative which makes it fun when you are working on your project.  So far I have a clear paint can to decorate,these pendants I got and something I'm making with felt.
4.  After completing the Project 365 last year I plan to continue that again this year, and besides for keeping track of it here and in this miniI want to come up with another creative way to scrapbook the year.
5.  With my card club we made these adorable Valentine's which I plan on duplicating.
6.  I've got some Karen Russell kits in the works.  Which I plan to post when completed!

Oh there is so much more too, and maybe that's why my word for the year is FOCUS - because I need to focus on these projects and get them completed and posted!


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