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June 30, 2008

Not much going on today, and that's a good thing!

Joel did his usual working in the yard and Zach and I ran some errands this morning and then came back home to get some work done around here.

Then it was back indoors to work on some more cleaning... are you ever done? and some scrap projects.  I ran out to Cord Camera to pick up a few more things at their clearance sale - all of what I got was 75% off and an additional 25% off that!  It was ridiculously cheap!

(I'll try and get a picture later)

I cleaned out the garage which needed desperate attention It was one of those things that seemed like it would never get crossed off the to do list!

Later in the day Joel called me outside to get some before pictures as he planned out getting out some of the overgrown trees on the side of the house.  After 14 years here you can't even walk down the sidewalk because the trees have taken over. 

IMG_3606 IMG_3607


IMG_3616 IMG_3617


IMG_3622 IMG_3620 Then we realized the sidewalk needed to be pressure washed

IMG_3629 IMG_3633

We still may take out the white pine too?



During our clean up we found this toad and Joel found her a new corner where we weren't working...





Needless to say I was quite happy with all we got done on a weekend that we weren't even going to be home!

Today is our Anniversary - 24 years... YIKES!  We are talking about celebrating after the graduation party...

Tonight is Bachelorette - I still can't believe Graham is gone and I think tonight will be the guys on to tell their side... this sure will be interesting!


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