Stop the Blur

February 9, 2024

Stop the blur

In the past, to document life I have participated in a project for scrapbookers called stop the blur. It is a way to record the little moments of life and stop the blur of time. With the years unraveling like pages caught in a breeze, a new day, week, or season begins and before we know it, another decade has passed. 

The older I get, the more I can feel the pulse of time accelerating. As I stand captivated by the Blue Jays and Cardinals outside my window, I reminisce of how my childhood and the raising of my own children have slipped through my fingers like a song. Could it be the tilt towards sixty? Although I never dreaded a birthday, I am aware of the aches and pains urging me to close my eyes and open my heart.

Maybe because of the knowledge that comes with time, I notice more of the moments stacked behind me, images of the past flicker by carrying uncertainty to what the future holds. In my efforts to slow down time, I stagger from living the moment to documenting it, snapping images that capture the tight rope of life, with each experience sharpening my awareness to its brevity.


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