Still not getting things done

December 23, 2007

But we had a nice evening at Crocker Park.  After seeing Trish's pictures, I knew I wanted to go and it was beautiful.  All the sites and sounds, Santa and carolers on the corners... so much fun!

I started my day early and got my shopping done and back home by 11am, then Zach wanted to go to his cousins so I drove him over there.  I no soon came home and my mom called that she was in Medina so I spent yesterday afternoon talking with my mom and sharing a Peppermint Mocha at Starbucks.

Finally I arrive home at near 4:30 and started working on some wrapping when the idea about going to Crocker Park was starting to come together.  Chelsea called Joel and made the plans and he came home early from work (early on a Saturday mind you)

We had a great time at Crocker Park and while we didn't do any shopping I sure do want to head back in warmer weather.


 Like a child, when Chelsea saw Santa she screamed his name and asked if he would take a picture with her.  Ben quickly got out of the way since I didn't want to be a part of this picture.




The tree was so cool, but there was no way of getting the whole tree in my picture and for some reason quite a few of my pictures came back blurry.

6_thumb.jpg 10_thumb.jpg

15.jpg 16_thumb.jpg


We had a fun night at Crocker Park and then went to dinner.  Now today has been about fixing my internet connection and getting my hair done.  I better get to that wrapping part soon.


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