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June 20, 2011

Looking towards the future...


It's funny how a random meeting, a chance of running into someone can take your life in new directions. That is what happened to me  at no other place then Milt's gym.  I went in with a sense of purpose, it was going to be an easy day, a 3 mile run as on schedule for my marathon training. But as I finished my run there was a woman on the elliptical also just finishing and our eyes met. She smiled and mentioned something about my running, to which I replied "yeah why do we do this to ourselves" and so our conversation began.

We talked of putting ourselves first now that our kids have grown. I shared my going back to school and found out she's a teacher. I shared my love of writing, she got a degree in journalism. We shared so much and couldn't stop finding things that connected us.  My half hour run turned into 1 and 1/2 hours at the gym!  I got some great books to read, she shared some insight on writing ideas for me and the list goes on...

In parting I shared with her an article that I had just read that morning about 31 strangers that I had planned to partake in.  Where each day you meet a stranger and take their picture and learn something about them - she was my number 1... now 30 more to go. She loved the idea and plans to use it in her curriculum for teaching.

After sharing Ryan's story and so many other details of our lives she asked me if I'd come to speak in her class. Me? Did you not hear me when I said I'm the quiet child between two outgoing siblings?  Well, think about it at least...

I'm freezing now since I had completely cooled down from my run and the air conditioner was on full blast, but I was amazed at how the right people are placed in your life at the right time.

I'm so inspired right now to write, to learn, to just get out there in the world and meet people!

More about 31 strangers on another post...


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