Stepping off the ride

June 25, 2014

Sometimes we need a break, time to get off the roller coaster of life and relax and just be...
A short reprieve, having no worries and just enjoying life for a short time. Kind of like a recharge, to get you back to where you once were...
That is what we did... we went away and took some time for ourselves. Something we planned a long time ago, counted down to and enjoyed every second of!
I grew up taking vacations! My father firmly believed that our family needed and deserved that time away to regroup, recharge and reconnect. Sometimes those vacations were to a beach, other times in a pull behind trailer, only to find they ran out of money and had to turn back. But as children we never knew any different.
Vacation is about being together, laughing, and making memories and I am thankful we were able to do a lot of that!
Part of our celebration was Zach's 20th birthday and Anthony proposing to Chelsea! He had asked Joel in May and we all had to hold this secret until the day he finally asked...
Although many thought I would be at the beach, joking I would be in the ocean with scuba gear, even Chelsea had asked if I was out there.  Luckily there were 3 women walking the beach, they saw him get down on one knee and so excited, they made sure one of them snapped a picture and met up with them after the proposal.
Whether its a vacation or a staycation, enjoy the memories you create with those you love, life changes so quickly... 


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