spent the entire day

April 3, 2008

away from home yesterday!  Between work and then picking up Zach from school, then grocery shopping

(which I hate by the way) - it's such a repetitive job.  Load the groceries in the cart, put on conveyer, put back in cart, load your car, unload your car, unload groceries!  OMG how many times shall I move these same items!

Before we even brought the groceries home we ran over to Verizon  since it was time to get new phones.  Of course its never easy, even when you say you have groceries in the car and maybe I'll come back.  No, they say its only a couple minutes.  So after spending who knows how long at Verizon wireless we left there with a new phone for Chelsea, Zach and myself. 

Both the kids phones were on sale with a rebate and was mine.  Chelsea picked out  the Env, Zach picked out the chocolateimage and I got the red blackberry.


Needless to say its going to take some time for me to figure out the options on this phone, but I'm doing pretty good so far.

Once we got done at Verizon we had to come home and empty the car and put away the groceries and then run Zach's computer and my lap top to the guy that repairs them.  After he checked them over we left the computers and came home.  By the time we arrived home it was 9pm! 

Where did the day go???


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