Spending the weekend with Karen Russell

July 23, 2007

Amazing, simply amazing!


I learned so much during these 4 classes in two days, between all the example pictures, lectures and just getting down to business this was the most inspirational, productive scrapbook weekend I have ever spent.

However, the weekend didn't start out without any glitches... of all the things to forget, when we began our first class and it was time to get out pictures I realized I had forgotten my pictures!  Imagine that!  I had been planning for this class for MONTHS!  Ordering all the pictures, putting them into labeled bags that pertained to each class and yet when I pack my bags I somehow forget to pack my pictures!  Luckily my husband who knew how much I'd been planning and realized how important this was to me came up with a plan.  You start driving from there and I'll start driving from here and we'll meet in the middle.  So that's what we did, when they were starting to add pictures I was driving half way home.  I finally met up with my husband and thanked him a million times over and then began my treck back to Columbus.

Back to the classes....

The first class I ended up finishing in our hotel room that night.  Well, not finishing, but at least getting a little more done on after my afternoon detour.

The 2nd class was a photography lecture with a photo box project that you completed in class.  The class was supposed to be 4 hours with a 3 hour lecture and 1 hour to work on our project.  The class ended up being a 5 hour lecture.  I learned more about my camera in these 5 hours than I have in the past 2 years.

Here are some of the photos I took once I returned home on Sunday

1%20Chelsea_thumb_1.jpg 8a%20Zach_thumb_1.jpg

18%20Zach%20and%20Shag%2007_thumb_1.jpg 4%20Zach_thumb_1.jpg

For whatever reason, they speak to me - I can already see an improvement in my photographic the moments, bluring the backgrounds and capturing the memory - all a part of the photography class.

Class number 3 - The first class on Saturday was my favorite.  The interactive scrapbook page.  Not only did we make some awesome layouts, but we learned how to preserve more of the memories, memorabilia and hide journaling or whatever else you may wish to hide!  Just an awesome class!

IMG_7015_thumb_1.jpg IMG_7021_thumb_1.jpg

Some of Karen's interactive pages... I'll post mine later

The 4th class was also learning about the memories, transparencies and making a photo frame.  More awesome projects.

Thank you to Karen Russell for so much inspiration to bring home!


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