Sour cream party favor directions

March 3, 2008

I've gotten a few emails in regards to directions on how to make the sour cream party favors so I thought I would post how I made them.

Now I usually make them out of scrapbook paper and either stamp or embellish according to the holiday.  But then my friend Val shared with me its the same size as a 4 X 6 picture!  Now why didn't I think of that???

First off I found a good picture of my daughter that was in landscape direction. I ordered mine through and had the birthday Karen Russell narrative added to the top.


then I put (redline tape, aka tacky tape) on the underside of one side of the picture


then you carefully roll the picture into shape like toilet paper roll to adhere.  Should look like this


then I added more tacky tape to bottom of one side and flattened that side to stick closed.



fill with candies


now add tape to top side but you want this side closing in the opposite direction


Now crimp the edges on both sides




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