So what did you do all day??

February 26, 2008

Well lets see...

  • I uploaded pictures and organized pictures and ordered pictures (over 400 pictures!) ...
  • loaded the dishwasher and emptied the dishwasher and loaded the dishwasher...
  • turned on the furnace in the barn and painted the trim and let it dry and painted again, so hopefully soon we can finish the family room...
  • worked on several layouts with my Work in progress kit
  • watched the episode of LOST that we missed last week

I'm hoping tonight to get some more reading in.  I'm still working on two books.  Middlesex and The 6th Target - I had thought while driving I could finish one of them, but that didn't happen.

These pictures crack me up.  During our time in Florida Joel attended one of the equipment auctions.  On that day my brother in law who was also with us in Florida came with us to Disney.  We joked that "playing the role of Joel today will be Tony".  So he drove me and the kids to Animal Kingdom and then over to MGM.

After leaving Animal Kingdom and heading to MGM for our dinner at Hollywood and Vine Joel was going to join us.  Lisa said before Joel gets here I want to get a picture of Tina and her 1st husband (the filler while Joel was gone) and then I'll get one of Tina and her 2nd husband.


I had no idea that Tony was doing this for the picture as Lisa made the comment "well lets just see how the other husband acts when he gets here for the picture"



A short time later Joel arrived and Lisa had the two of us get together for this picture.  I guess that's the difference of 1 afternoon of marriage vs 20+ years of marriage.  :)



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