So there's this guy...

September 26, 2009


I may not talk about him much, but I think its about time I do a post about him and only him. That guy is my husband Joel.  He does so much and asks for so little in return. So I need to document some of the wonderful characteristics of Joel.



(in no particular order)

  1. He has an amazing work ethic
  2. He will do anything for his family
  3. He's a wonderful husband
  4. He's a great dad
  5. He does ALL the yard work 
  6. He started a company 6 years ago and now employs 8 full time employees
  7. He can cook the BEST chicken while camping, just ask Cameron!
  8. He will run to taco bell with Zach, just because
  9. He will tuck a couple extra bucks in Chelsea's pocket whenever he sees her
  10. He will drive to Mount Union because she asked him to
  11. He will play frisbee with the dog even after a long day at work
  12. He takes us on many family get aways
  13. He will drive half way to Columbus because you forgot your pictures for a scrapbooking class
  14. He takes Zach to school every morning
  15. If there is an opportunity for any of us, he goes out of his way to be sure we can take advantage of it
  16. He can take a joke
  17. He does laundry
  18. He hangs any and all scrapbooking shelves, cabinets, railings, etc
  19. He added so many lights to my scraproom you would think I'm growing things in the basement!
  20. He's smart
  21. He's the oldest of his siblings
  22. He will support any of my decisions
  23. He has a goofy side that few get to see
  24. He takes care of the pool all season long
  25. He's always planning and thinking of our future




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