June 5, 2014

Sister is probably the most competitive relationship within the family, but once the sisters are grown, it becomes the strongest relationship


We faught like crazy growing up! She worked and had all the new clothes, I had only what was granted at the beginning of each school year. So quietly I would sneak through her closet which was not only color coordinated, but all neatly organized.  Selecting which of her shirts I was going to wear, sneak out of our room, change and head to school. In the halls of the high school she would pass me and do a double take, noticing I was wearing something from her wardrobe, and I knew that night I was going to be getting a lecture from my dad... "Tina, quit wearing your sisters clothes", he would quip... the next day I was in her closet again...


Today when I speak of my daughter taking my clothes Debbie laughs, yes even still today she laughs! She remembers the times I took her clothes and remembers the relentless times she told on me, only for me to get a slap on the wrist and continue wearing her clothes.


There are countless stories Debbie can recite from our childhood. The times I would call my dad to our room after bed time, at first quietly, then a little louder each time.... dad.... DAD...

She hated to make dad mad, hated to have him come in angry with us fighting again and would beg me to stop, sometimes I would and sometimes I would push it till dad was standing at our door... 


Our childhood was filled with many stories, but the true bond of sisters took hold when I had my first child. It was then I knew she would do anything for me, be my biggest supporter and my greatest fan. Everytime I was published in a magazine I'm not sure who was more excited to get to the newstand to pick up a copy, her or I. But I do know once there, she was sure to let whoever was working know that I was in that magazine!


Hanging out with our children was a part of their growing up, planning parties together since their birthdays were close to one another, I don't think they knew any other way to celebrate then with their cousins!


And scrapbooking Oh does Debbie love to scrapbook! We would go on weekend retreats with friends in some of the worst winter weather, nothing would hold us back.


Now we are just trying to get back to that same Debbie, and I will do anything to help her down this road to recovery. Recently she went to Kemper house, she calls it her job and she is there to help others, something Debbie was always good at. Essential to her well being, we want to keep her active and involved with others.

She has had my back through everything in my life, like no other. More angry about things that happened to me than I was, more defensive than a mother, maybe because we've had to help each other because of our mothers illness. 

Now it is my turn to have her back, to be more defensive for her and to be the sister and like the mother that she needs to support her through this.


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