Should I stay or should I go now...

October 15, 2014

Our tour begins through the entrance of the back sliding door, a peculiar farm house with several extensions, leaving a small path to approach the door. A combination of last nights dinner and unknown substances invade your senses as you walk through the door. Even the dahlias, which seem to be on every flat surface,  do not influence the awkward scent.


The sojourn begins as we walk through the common areas, though dimly lit the cumbersome space seems cramped with furniture, a television, trinkets, and even more Dahlias. Although in here even the dahlias look melancholy. Continuing on we step around a wooden spiral staircase that leads to the upstairs living space, and then finally to our room. A modest size bedroom with our own bathroom and a lock on the door. 

My first thought in the fight or flight response was RUN, and if this is beyond my comfort zone, I cannot imagine what my spouse is thinking. We make our way back to the kitchen, my drifting thoughts are interrupted with "you can settle up now if you want," which only accelerated the approaching panic attack. I mumbled that my checkbook was in the car, advancing towards our getaway...

While walking to the car, my mind whirling with pictures of us peeling out of the drive like the roadrunner deserts bugs bunny, a dawning appears on my husbands face as he realizes I had thoughts of fleeing. "You were ready to bolt, weren't you?" he laughs. "Well, weren't you," I reply?

A small discussion takes place on the side of our vehicle as we consider the pros and cons of this adventure and I realize that if he is comfortable, then so am I. We make our way back up to the unlocked door hauling our luggage and the payment, reasoning that its just for one night.

It turned out to be another great adventure to add to our trip, one I am glad we chose to follow through with. After dinner and a night out we returned to the B & B and were invited to join them in a game of  cards, although we declined, we did feel a bit more comfortable in our surroundings. Later, opening a bottle of wine to toast our adventures together, we retired for the evening

In the morning we were greeted with apple fritters, fruit and coffee for breakfast, a welcome delight, and although I'm glad we tasted, we could have done without the "scrapple", A New England treat, we were told. Small talk continued through breakfast and we learned little details about the New England States, which we both found quite interesting.

Despite an awkward start, our experience ended with a pleasant finish. During breakfast we spent time getting to know the owners of this B & B, although once our travels continued, we both felt a sigh of relief that the remainder of our lodging would be at hotels and not vineyards.

And the adventure continues...



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