Sharing a glimpse

November 12, 2014

I write about my life... those ups and downs, the bruises we all get and the suffering that happens, the messy stuff a lot of people like to hide, the real parts that make us who we are.


But there is still so much more...

There are days when the heartbreak is so raw, an open wound leaving me exposed to nothing but tears. Sadness so overwhelming I need to find a place of quiet to find the good, find the positive and search for the light. There are pieces of my life that I only expose to those close to me. The meloncholy days when nothing feels right, or the sadness too overwhelming. 


However I always search for the positive, post the positive and live the positive. I may have had a hard weekend filled with overwhelming sadness and I still mourn the sister I once had and try to help care for the person she is now, but instead of writing of sadness and despair, I write of the laughter we shared or the baby steps she's made, and I will continue to live and write this way.

Many times people don't want to see happiness, those bits of glimmer that you choose to share, instead of the doom and gloom so many thrive upon, and that is sad. I will continue to do my best in finding the positives in everyday.



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