Shaggy shakes his head

June 10, 2015

Week 2

Oh Bentley, everyday there is more mischief you seem to find...

Try as I might to keep you busy, fatigue you with walks and provide your own special toys to feast upon, there is something about every single thing that is NOT yours that you like? Once you acquire your next casualty you prance through the kitchen proudly and continue this parade into the family room. You have it down to such a science, that I can tell by the way you run through the kitchen you are up to no good!

Now it seems we are not limited to just those things that remain on or near the floor. Now even the counters need to be patrolled for what went missing...

Even my morning protein shakes are up for grabs! Is there anything that belongs to me or has it all become OURS?

well you can't say I ever did crap like this says Shaggy ... as he watches from across the room


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  • July 8, 2015 @ 8:20 PM EDT
    By Tony Zarlenga
    Bentley tried to get my Romanburger off of the same counter.

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