Secret lives of the US Presidents

June 12, 2008

Is the book I am currently reading, and almost finished with and there are a lot of interesting facts to be learned about our presidents.  I heard that the secret lives of the presidents wives is also a good read. 

Some of the things I've read...

Our first president George Washington who spent the vast majority of his life outdoors, who reveled in horse riding and swordsmanship who had a physique remarkable for its size and strength, and who managed to avoid getting killed through two savage wars, appears to have died of a cold.

Number three - Thomas Jefferson.  At a time when people were lucky to make it into their fifties, Thomas Jefferson lived to the old age of eighty-three.  His secret?  Cold foot baths?

Number 5 - James Monroe - was the 3rd President to die on the 4th of July

7th president -  Andrew Jackson - In an 1806 duel with Charles Dickinson the two men faced each other at roughly twenty-four feet, buck Dickinson got off the first shot - it thumped dead center into Jackson's chest.  Incredibly, Jackson merely staunched the blood flow with his left hand while he calmly proceeded to take aim with his right.  Dickinson found himself in the unenviable position of having to stand perfectly still and receive the bullet of a man he'd just shot.  Jackson fired, hitting his mark below the ribs and killing him.  The bullet that had struck Jackson lodged close to his hear and would remain there the rest of his life.

Ninth President - William Henry Harrison - is remembered for having the shortest term of office and having the longest inaugural speech on record. 

Number 10 - John Tyler - had more children than any other president in US history - fifteen in all


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