Science project

June 13, 2007

Well it's not an official school science project, but none the less at has become a project for our entire family to watch and I have to say somewhat enjoy.

Do you remember finding tadpoles as a kid.  I remember when my parents were still in the process of bulidng our house in North Royalton and my brother Joe and I collecting baby frogs and finding tadpoles everywhere!  It was fun to see them as they were part tadpole and part frog. 

Well here we are doing the same thing - except we are keeping them in a container in our house.  The original bunch was found by Joel and Zach while working on our rental property in North Royalton.  They said it was like a black river there were so many tadpoles.  So they scooped up a cup and brought them home.

Here they are in the early stage...


In the last day or so we just started noticing front and back legs.  Will have to get my macro lens on and get a new updated picture.


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