Schools Out

June 6, 2008

and I can't believe it!  It's like when Christmas comes and yet it doesn't feel like Christmas... that's what I feel like now.  Maybe its because its so different when they are older, because you are not always up at the school for different activities and you can't see the year going by.  And even though Chelsea just graduated... it still does not seem like summer.

I know what it is... denial?

Zach ended up with an award in ART class for A's all through the year!  He has always been a great artist and had his painting featured in an art festival in 2003. We got signed up for summer bowling, but now we need to see what else he will occupy his summer with?

Chelsea and I drove out to Kent again yesterday.  She had her transcripts and a letter of recommendation.  She thought she was just going to drop them off but when they read her transcripts they told her to wait and took them directly to admissions where they came back and said she was accepted into Kent and had never seen such a turn around in grades from her 9th grade year to her graduating report card. They also loved her bubbly personality and want her to be a tour guide when she gets to know her way around the school.

Today we need to pick out her dorm and Tuesday we go for the tour of the school and get all her classes scheduled.  Yikes!

Congrats to both Chelsea and Ben for following their dreams and planning for college and being accepted into Kent!

This weekend we are going to a play that Joel's brother is in celebrating founders day called "who me".  We went last year and it is the most caring group of people you would ever want to share your time with and the play was great too!  His brother has made amazing changes in his life over the past 5 years and we all want to be a part of celebrating those changes!


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