July 16, 2010

So I think its fair to say that I'm addicted to running!  It's crazy to think, this one time smoker would one day be running half marathons and setting goals to push myself a little further each time I go out, but there is something about it that I miss on the days I don't run.  If I hear certain songs that are on my playlist while driving in the car, I want to run!  

Add to that addiction a little gadget that tracks your miles and tells you how far you've gone with encouraging words as your run farther, faster or longer.  That would be my Nike & Ipod sport kit, another little motivator for someone who already loves running!  I love hearing congratulations, you've reached your goal of 5 miles (or whatever the chosen distance I pick).  I can also set training goals for half marathons and it will give me a schedule on when to run and how far.  

But the latest fun thing was this challenge that Cathy Z started at Nike for the month of July...


Here it is July 16th and I'm the 2nd to reach 50 miles in July!  Now it wasn't a race to see who could run it the fastest, but a challenge to do it in the month and since I already had a goal to reach 500 miles run by the end of July, I was well on my way to tracking those miles! 

 I have 36 miles to cover in the next 15 days... can I do it?


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