October 19, 2014

There is something about running that I love... Even on the days I hate running or feel horrible running, I still LOVE running!


Aspiring to constantly improve, reflecting on and clarifying obstacles in your way while getting your workout in as you push yourself to get up that hill or struggle through the pain, that is running.

 "Running is the best metaphor for life, you get out of it what you put into it" Oprah


In the almost five-years since I began running I have accomplished goals for speed, distance, time, races and so many other parts of running. Running the Chicago full marathon, countless half marathons and many other races inbetween. All starting with the desire to lose weight and my daughter getting me on a treadmill. The possibilities that can propel your life in other directions are endless when you try something new.


Yesterday I ran the 6th race in a new goal of 10-10-10. (Ten miles in the tenth month, ten times). It was cold, rainy and I could of materialized a million justifications of why I should not go, but I went and did the work, completed the run and felt awesome. Surpassing with the best time in all 6 of the ten mile runs completed so far.

What are you pursuing today?




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